VOL 5, NO 1 (2017)

VOL 5, NO 1 (2017)



The Form in Promoting Reconciliation and Peacefulness with Five Precepts of People in Saraburi Province
Phramedhavinaiyaros (Pasiviko), Phramaha Veerasak Suramate, Salinee Raggatanyoo
Women at a Periphery of the Deep South Peace Process: A perspective of Female Victims of Violent Conflict
Duanghathai Buranajaroenkij, Parichart Suwanbubbha, Montipa Yimyong
A Study of Psychosocial Factors Related to Thai-Valued Behavior of Undergraduate Students
Shuttawwee Sitsira-at
Wife’s perspective of equality in family
Phitchasuda Detboon, Apichet Jumneansuk, Krittidech Mingmai
The Practical form and Examination of Theravada Meditation in Myanmar
Boonchaya Wiwitkhajorn
Buddhism Culture for Peaceful Coexistence of Thai-Mon Ethnic Group in Ratchaburi Province
Phrakhrusangharak Songphan Jayadatto, Phramaha Uthai Panyapabhaso, Phrasamutrawachirasophon (Dhammasobhano), Phramaha Sagda Sumano, Phrakhru Sophonthammavibhusit Chitatavo, PhramahaKriengsak Bhuriwatdhako, Natthanart Srilert
Enhancement of Elder People’s Spiritual Well – Being According to Buddhism Doctrines
Phrapalad Weerachon Khemaweero, Thananchai Pattanasing, Thip Khankaew, Khosit Khumtua, Sanguan Lapontan
Effectiveness of Depression Reduction Program for the Chronic Disease Patients through Buddhists integrated
Sunanta Outchareon, Chitchanok Teppitak, Sasisangwan Srisang, Phrapalad Somchai Payogo, Phramaha Veeratit Varindho
The Development of a Counseling Model in an Integrative Buddhist Psychology of the Counseling Monks
Wichuda Thitichotrattana, Siriwat Srikhruedong, Em-on Krisanarungsun
The Devel0pment of Life Skills in Making Friendship in Buddhism
Suchat Chanthasaro, Viroj Intanon
The Knowledge Management Model of Buddhadãsa Bhikkhu for Propagation of Buddhism
Phra Kobchai Saeueng khemãnanto
The Process of Creating a New Sense on the Previous Experiences of Thai Role Models
Chamaiporn Jarernkornburi, Phrasuthirattanapandit sutit, Siriwat Srikhruedong
An analytical study of Buddhadhamma interpretation Of Chogyam Trungpa
Panarat Chansitthiwet
The Way to Develop Center for Peace and Student Governance of Dhurakij Pundit University
Atichart Tancharoen, Phramaha Hansa Dhammahaso, Phramaha Duangden Thitayano
Analysis of the Structural of Factors Affected To Transformational Leadership Navanakorn Industrial Estate
Rapassa Roung-onnam, Theathanick Siriwoharn, Pinyapat Nakpibal, Kanreutai Klangphahol
A Development of School Resources Management Model for the Private Vocational College Using Lean Thinking Concept
Jarupath Chaiyadith, Puangrat Kesornpat, Jaruwan Ployduangrat, Boonchan Sesan
A Model of Improving Job Performance Efficiency in Crime Prevention of Community Police Officers (Koban) of Provincial Police Region 4
Chonnarong Wuncha
The Multilevel Factors Affecting the Educational Effectiveness of Education Institutes under Vocational Education Commission in the Bangkok Metropolitan Area
Aree Ussavanuphap, Puongrat Kesonpad, Rachan Boontima, Achara Wattananarong
The Effects of Sungkhahawatthu 4 to Develop Public Mind for second Year Undergrad Students Faculty of Education Kasetsart University
Wanalee Wongsombut, Manassanan Hatthasak
Buddhist Psychological Factors Related to Resilience of Adolescents in Bangkok
Nadnapang – Phophichit
Learning English of Thai Tertiary Students: From Learners’ Recounts and Experiences
Sureepong Phothongsunan
Bhutan’s Unique Transition to Democracy and its Challenges
Kinzang Gyeltshen, Siwach Sripokangkul


A New Political Culture in Thailand Harmonious Society : Political Thought and Building the Solidarity Process for the Strengthen Local
Pansa Bridhyankura Bridhyankura
Global Peace Index and Situation of Peace in Thailand
Chalat Pratheuangrattana
Sambhavesi: Its Context and Meaning of Pali Term in Changing Society
Phramaha Kamol Kamalo, Phrarajvetee Suraphol, Phramaha Phumchai Aggapañño
Buddhist Ethics and Development the Education of stories truth and Good knowledge
Phrakhruwinaithorn Amnat Palapanyo, Phramaha Phatchawat Khematassi, Phra Voravech Varadhammo
120 Years of Thai Local Administration (2440 – 2560 B.E.): Evolution and Historical Conditions of Thai State
Titus Mala
Happily Learning among Nursing Students
Thanapol Bundasak, Kanok-on Chaowiang, Narumol Jangasem
Buddhist-based Solutions over the Thai Family Problems
Yota Chaiworamankul


Buddha’s Brain
Phrakruopasdhammapitak Siam Tejadhammo

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